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Luis Saffie is a technologist with passion for building motivated teams and high impact products (more...)

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A New Chapter

The last 5 years of my career have been a thrilling rollercoaster, filled with everything anyone in this field can dream of. From technical challenges, team building, hiring, successful and unsuccessful releases, friendships, to being part of an acquisition.

It’s with a mix bag of feelings that I’m leaving Homestars Inc to pursue other endeavours. But before I do, I’d like to publicly thank the Technology Team at Homestars for their never ending persistence to continuous improvement. I also thank ANGI Homeservices and IAC for being such exemplary businesses led by top professionals in their field.

Lastly, I thank Nancy Peterson for giving me the chance to work alongside her and help shape the culture/product and technology that powers Homestars today. Nancy, you’re a real inspiration and Homestars couldn’t be in better hands.

As far as me, I’m thrilled to announce that I’m joining the incredibly talented team at Wealthsimple as their Senior Director of Infrastructure Engineering. With such a talented group of people, culture and inspiring mission, it’s impossible not to feel inspired and excited for my next chapter!