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My notes and principles

The Great Game of Business

Author: Jack Stack and Bo Burlingham


About the Author

JACK STACK is Founder, President and CEO of SRC Holdings Corporation, a 100% Employee-Owned Company employing over 1200 people, with sales of over $450,000,000. SRC Holdings Corporation operates 31 business units including Joint Ventures with John Deere, Case New Holland and Navistar, and maintains two venture capital incubator funds.


This is one of the top 10 most influencial business books. Its entire concept revolves around how to run a business in a way where growth and success is the only way to go - know how to play this game.

The key concept is to inspire people to do great work and the only way do that sustainably is by getting them own their domain and deliverables while supporting them with a proven process of metrics and continuous touch points.

The crazy thing is that there’s nothing new here, you hear and read it all the time. However, lots of companies preach and few do.

Key Take Aways

Ax Command and control

Celebrate successes

People need to see and understand the big picture


Find out the critical number you want to hit