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Planning in 5 Steps


I’ve been thinking and doing a lot of planning. In fact, everyone does. I’m talking about planning a vacation, outing, kids, work, dating, life, etc. Surely, some more, some less but planning nonetheless.

And yeah, I spotted a pattern in this and I am codifying it.

1. Goal

The most important part of planning is to start with the goal. That is, spend lots of time thinking about the goal, not the current constraints, but the goal. I’d like to think about starting with a blank sheet of paper

Must involve everyone that’s affected here. If it’s a project, all stakeholder. If it’s a vacation, whoever you’re going with (unless it’s a surprise ;))

2. Define Timelines

Define/document the project timelines - Everybody must be part of this process

3. What/Who

Break project into micro projects according to what needs to get done and have somebody own it.

At this point each sub project must have an assignee and a deadline associated.

4. Define metrics

As a group, define and agree on the metrics of each project

5. Get to it (Work it)

Go back to 3 at least weekly as a team to review