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Luis Saffie is a technologist with passion for building motivated teams and high impact products (more...)

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My notes and principles

Project checklist

After running many projects, I’ve come to realize that they follow a pattern - of course! And that gives me an opportunity to make an algorithm for it.

The number one problem I’ve encountered in most projects is not a technical or a domain issue. Instead, it’s a communication or missalignment one. With that, Here’s my checklist to avoid issues and increase chances of success.

Important: Meet with ALL stakeholders of the project, including team members and fill this out together. Warning: It may take long and get heated but it’s worth it - Better have it all clear from the beggining than struggle throughout the project



End goal



Checklist here https://docs.google.com/document/d/1t4QcSjQdddHyeT7Kiq0H3ggfkgjT-_e0Fgiw7_oI7Rc/edit?usp=sharing