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My notes and principles


Main purpose of 1:1s Are below. Make sure you have a plan to move forward accordingly.

Note that this is journey, you need to work towards it with real intention.

The Goal The Purpose
Build trusting relationships between team leads and engineers So team leads can support the engineers, and the engineers know better the person who cares about them and has their back
A safe place to discuss sensitive and private issues or provide personal feedback So engineers can talk about personal life issues that may affect their work, and so team leads can provide specific feedback to the engineer to help them grow their career or get through struggle areas that are holding back their success
Discuss and work on career development plans So engineers can set goals for themselves and have a partner who helps them achieve these goals
Team reflections and engineer happiness So engineers have a private way to ask for help with team related issues like conflicts with other team members, loss of autonomy or motivation, low morale, boring work and process issues
Discuss product vision and direction So engineers can get support from their team lead to affect the product in ways that they believe is important to them and may be at odds with the PO’s vision or the rest of the team’s members